2019 Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference Speakers Coming Soon!

What to Expect

The Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference curates each conference around a central theme. Past conference themes have included "Becoming Who You Want To Be" and "Leading From Your Best Self". Conference activities are designed to foster a dynamic and collaborative community experience, in which conference attendees have the chance to hear a variety of presentations and panels, as well as participate in guided workshops and discussions. In the past, conferences schedules have been structured into two days of events at the Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor, MI.

Sample Schedule

Day 1

  • Registration & Breakfast
  • Audience Presentation Tracks
  • Lunch
  • Welcome & Keynote Speech
  • Session 1 & Breakout 1
  • Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres

Day 2

  • Registration & Breakfast
  • Setting the Stage
  • Session 2 and Breakout 2
  • Session 3 and Breakout 3
  • Lunch
  • Session 4 & Breakout 4