Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference

Conference participants listening to presentation
The Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor, MI

Annual Conference

In addition to ongoing research, the annual MWSC leadership conference in Ann Arbor is a platform for national outreach. The Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative hosts the annual Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference in Ann Arbor, MI. This event is sponsored by the Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery. The symposium is designed to engage early-  and mid-career faculty, senior residents, and fellows with experts in leadership and career-building approaches. Participants not only hear speakers address issues and challenges confronting women and underrepresented faculty members as they seek to advance in the field of surgery, but they are also provided individualized coaching opportunities based on self-evaluation of their own leadership and conflict styles.


The Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference curates each conference around a central theme. Past conference themes have included "Becoming Who You Want To Be", "Leading From Your Best Self", and "Creating an Impact & Shaping the Future". Conference activities are designed to foster a dynamic and collaborative community experience, in which conference attendees have the chance to hear a variety of presentations and panels, as well as participate in guided workshops and discussions. In the past, conferences schedules have been structured into two days of events at the Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor, MI.


The Women in Surgery Leadership Development Conference has a diverse group of highly qualified speakers that are at the top of their field from across the country at each conference. Each conference also includes several influential speakers from Michigan Medicine, with faculty and trainees from the Department of Surgery and across the University of Michigan campus. The experts chosen to give presentations and moderate discussions at the event provide a wide range of perspectives on leadership and professional development in surgery.

MWSC Award

The MWSC honors one person at their annual conference who has displayed intentional and constructive efforts to promote the success or advancement of women in surgery. Past recipients of the award include: