Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative

Advancing a Supportive Culture for Women Surgeons

Launched in 2016 by diverse women surgeons across a spectrum of disciplines and ranks, the Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative (MWSC) is employing rigorous research and intentional outreach to identify factors that impede the success of women in surgery, and find the tools that will break through these barriers. This collaborative cohort aims to foster a culture that actively supports women faculty and helps them attain their career goals. 

The Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative has already made notable progress. Current research includes characterizing the impediments to career advancement for women in academic surgery, as well as factors that spur growth. We will translate the data collected through these investigations to evidence-based strategies to allow an already talented pipeline of women surgeons to pursue formidable positions with greater confidence that those opportunities will be accessible to them. 

Support the Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative

The Opportunity

The Michigan Women's Surgical Collaborative (MWSC) has established a strong foundation that empowers women and underrepresented faculty, among others[KM1] , to realize their goals. The resources available at the University of Michigan open the door for us to forge meaningful partnerships across campus and strengthen our program model. We are well-positioned as leaders – regionally and nationally – to ask the right questions and find solutions to inequities among STEM disciplines, even beyond medicine.

You Can Be a Victor

Today, at the University of Michigan, we are pioneers in the development of leaders, regardless of sex or gender identity, who support gender equity and promote the success of women leaders in academic medicine. Our experienced faculty are committed to mentoring and cultivating future chairs, deans, and division chiefs. An investment in the MWSC program will help us expand our research, share our findings, and tailor them for surgery and other disciplines facing similar challenges. Together we can equip aspiring surgeon leaders who are passionate about making a difference in health care with the strategies needed to pursue limitless possibilities throughout the most highly-regarded institutions in the world.

Contact Jackie Rink, Assistant Director of the Michigan Medicine Office of Development, at rinkja@umich.edu or 734-763-0873 to learn more about giving to the MWSC.